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“Oatmeal” A creamy matt glaze speckled with iron drawn from the clay during firing.
“Blue” “Oatmeal” with cobalt added to give a subtle, blackbird's egg finish.
“Tenmoku” A rich, glossy black/brown glaze from the Orient. Colour is changed by glaze thickness.
“Dragon Green” “Tenmoku” overcoated by an alkaline matt glaze ranges from brown through green to almost pink.
“Patterned Blue” “Oatmeal” partly overlapped by a green derivative produces a blue interface.
“Multi” Interactions between “Tenmoku”, “Oatmeal” and green glazes produce a wealth of unpredictable colour.
“Patterned Green” A dolomite glaze overlaps “Tenmoku“, creating a pattern of greens, glossy browns/black, and grey-to-pink highlights.
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