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Welcome to Sutton Pottery

Sutton Pottery was established by Malcolm Flatman in 1977 in the Broadland village of Sutton, near Stalham, Norfolk.
Visitors are welcome in the workshop, to browse through the gallery area, where a large range of finished pottery is displayed.

*** THE SUTTON POTTERY "FIRST AND LAST" SALE, with 20% off all stock, is still running. See the online catalogue for availability, or email or phone us about specific items ***

Please check for opening times before a visit.

Malcolm has decided to retire in Spring 2020, but he still has a good selection of his work in stock

He continues to offer pottery lessons until late February 2020 for those wishing to learn to “throw” pots on the potter’s wheel. A session of intensive tuition lasts 3 hours, and takes place on weekdays (mornings or afternoons). Two electric wheels are available, so two people can share the experience and the cost!
Email [email protected] for more details, to book tuition or to buy a lesson gift voucher.

including machinery (excluding wheels), tools, glazes, clay, kiln shelves and props (but not the kiln), shelving and materials will take place in March. Book a preview in February by emailing [email protected] or by phoning 01692 580595 (message service)

All electrical items 220-240v single phase and due for testing in February 2020

Gosling & Gattenbury glaze/slip mixer
Arterial Engineering claymixer (pugmill)
Custom-built Portable Dust Extractor (vents through window)
12-inch Cast-Iron Whirler
12-inch Heavy Cast-Iron Whirler
"Lazy Susan" melamine glazing turntable 1220 dia. (fixes temporarily to any table)
Sculpture armature
9 assorted bin dollies
Aluminium square wheeled bin
Ether double-sheathed thermocouple and pyrometer
Laser pyrometer and thermocouple
Royal (Tower) beam scale 5kg x 10g
Salter hanging balance model 235 5kg x 20g (11lb x1oz)
Krups plastic wall-mounted scale 3.2kg x 10g (7lb x ½oz)
Tala kitchen scale 5kg x 20g (11lb x1oz)
Kitchen scale 5kg x 20g (11lb x1oz)
Salter digital kitchen scale
Various bowls & buckets

Throwing batts - 6mm MDF - nominal diameter Quantity
200mm 144
240mm 47
300mm 32
400mm 37
8mm MDF - nominal diameter
460mm 10
Throwing batts - 12mm plywood - nominal diameter
300mm 7
9mm plywood - nominal diameter
340mm 21
Cowley "Quick Grip" (hold pots centrally on whirlers and wheelheads)

Kiln shelves 21" x 14" x ¾" (538mm x 358mm x 20mm):
6 nearly new, 6 very good, 7 good, 6 old (including some zircon) 25
Tubular kiln props ½" to 12" x ¼" graduations Assorted
No. 8 Orton Cones part box 18
Kiln arch bricks (new) - see existing kiln
Kiln Bricks - new and secondhnd (various)
Hard firebricks - new and secondhand

Raw Materials Approx Kg
Alumina 20
Ball Clay 70?
Bentonite 18
China clay 31
Colemanite 1
Cornish Stone 15?
Dolomite 18
Felspar FFF 30
Fireclay 25
Flint 28
Glaze suspender 25
Nepheline Syenite <25
Potter's Plaster >25
Quartz 20
Talc 10
Whiting 31
Wood Ash (Elm) 3 large bags

Chrome 0.2?
Cobalt carbonate 0.1
Cobalt oxide 0.1
Copper carbonate trace
Iron Oxide - black 4+
Iron oxide - red 2?
Manganese dioxide 4.5+
Titanium dioxide 8
Wax emulsion resist 1l

Various Sutton Pottery glazes and recipes

Storage shelving - 12mm plywood Quantity
1220 x 200mm with 22mm x 22mm battens 60
1220 x 200mm - battens removed but available 49
Storage shelving - melamine-faced chipboard
1220 x 400mm - reversible, unbattened 15
Custom-made wooden storage racks 2240mm h, 1220mm l, 470mm w, holding up to 16 single shelves or 8 melamine boards or a mixture of both 10
Custom-made wood and white laminate large tables, 2490mm l, 1270mm w, 780/820 mm h 2
Kitchen tables, laminate, 2 pull-out leaves 2
Sack barrow 1
Books and old copies of "Ceramic Review"

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